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About Kevin McCaffrey and Conversion Rate Services

Kevin McCaffreyMy name is Kevin McCaffrey and I can help you increase the number of conversions you get through your Website.

Over the last 16 years I’ve worked on all aspects of website building for all types of business.

Businesses in industries including aerospace, pharma, retail, manufacturing, banking and local government and across all sizes of business from SMEs to the largest Enterprises.

My background is in software development, mostly Microsoft technologies like .Net and SQL Server, but I’ve written tons of computer code in at least 15 computer languages.

This is critical to what I do now - I understand how websites work and how websites should be used to fulfil your long term business objectives.

Website designers and developers can get carried away with the latest design trends and coding techniques, where your business objectives are lost and your conversion rate suffers.

I can explain things to you simply and set your online business on the path to success.

There are no secrets to conversion optimisation. The information is all out there on the Internet. Somewhere. The trouble is knowing what is right and wrong for your business.

I know you’ve heard conflicting advice from different sources and are struggling to know who’s right, but I can provide solid conversion rate optimisation advice based on measurable results.

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