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Google Adwords Qualified Individual

Google Adwords Qualified IndividualWhat's Involved in Gaining the Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status?

To obtain the Google Adwords Qualified Individual status, Google requires that you pass 2 out of 4 of the following exams. 

  • Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam 
  • Search Advertising Advanced Exam
  • Display Advertising Exam
  • Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam

Out of these 4, the Google Adwords Fundamental exam is mandatory, while the others are optional.

I passed the Google Adverstising Fundamentals exam and then went on to pass the Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam.

For each exam, there are a number of modules you need to study and pass, but you should be familiar with all features of Google Adwords. Here are the modules for the 2 exams I passed:

Google Adwords Fundamentals

 Introduction to AdWords
  • Overview of AdWords
  • Getting Started with AdWords
AdWords Account and Campaign Basics
  • Account Management Basics
  • Campaign Management Basics
  • Ad Group Management Basics
AdWords Ad Formats
  • Overview of Ad Formats
  • Ad Formats Guidelines & Best Practices
AdWords Targeting and Placements
  • Overview of Targeting and Placements
  • Keywords and Keyword Targeting
  • AdWords Language & Location Targeting
  • Placement Targeting for the Display Network
AdWords Bidding and Budgeting
  • Overview of Bidding
  • Overview of Budgets
Policies and Ad Quality Topics
  • Ad and Site Quality

Google Adwords Analysis and Reporting Exam

Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking
  • Overview of Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking
  • AdWords Reporting
  • Conversion Tracking Basics
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking and Best Practices
Google Analytics
  • Overview of Google Analytics
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Goals and Funnels
  • Google Analytics Filters
  • Overview of Google Analytics Reporting
  • Google Analytics Report Types
  • Related Google Analytics Tools and Services
  • Driving Improvements with Google Analytics Data
Optimizing Performance
  • Overview of Optimization
  • Optimizing AdWords Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
  • About Google Website Optimizer
  • Using Google Website Optimizer
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